3 Hospitals : Montreal North-shore South-shore
DMV-North in Blainville
1 800 463-8555
20, Boulevard des Châteaux, Blainville (QC), J7B 1Z8
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DMV-South in Saint-Hubert
1 800 463-8555
1655, Boulevard des Promenades, St-Hubert (Qc) J3Y 5K2
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DMV Montréal
1 800 463-8555
2300, 54e Avenue, Montréal (Lachine) H8T 3R2
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Employment : calling the best!

While the DMV Centre’s main mission is to provide top-quality care to our animal friends, the Centre endeavours to ensure that every one of its staffers enjoys the best possible professional and personal quality of life.

Do you love a well done job?

Beyond his or her specific tasks, every DMV employee plays an important role in the proper operation of the enterprise. And that’s because at DMV everyone has the right to offer suggestions and have a say in processes and decisions – including working hours.

The DMV Veterinary Centre offers emergency services and specialized medical care to pets from throughout the Greater Montreal Region. Our 180 employees share one characteristic: the passion for work well done. And this despite the fact that we treat over 25,000 cases a year.

This is why we offer high-quality jobs to top-quality people.

Types of positions available at the DMV

DMV veterinary center hires new full time, part time or casual employees on a regurlar basis for the following positions:
Wage will be determined according to the applicant’s experience.

If you are ready to join a dynamic team in an inspiring environment, please send an application to the following email adress: [email protected] or via fax at 514-633-0377.

Are you a newly graduated veterinarian?

Ever since 1997, the DMV Veterinary Centre has offered to newly graduated veterinary doctors the possibility of training in a private centre. For more information, visit our student, training and Internships page.