3 Hospitals : Montreal North-shore South-shore
DMV-North in Blainville
1 800 463-8555
20, Boulevard des Châteaux, Blainville (QC), J7B 1Z8
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DMV-South in Saint-Hubert
1 800 463-8555
1655, Boulevard des Promenades, St-Hubert (Qc) J3Y 5K2
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DMV Montréal
1 800 463-8555
2300, 54e Avenue, Montréal (Lachine) H8T 3R2
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Stay in touch during hospitalization

If your pet is hospitalized, a veterinarian (or a customer service agent) will call you once a day to provide an update on your pet’s condition as well as to discuss any changes to the treatment plan. Since calls are limited, please elect one person within your family to communicate with the clinic. Although your pet is under our care, we will ensure that we have your consent for any important decision to be made regarding treatments. We ask that you provide us with a phone number at which we will be able to reach you at all times.


Our primary concern is your animal’s well-being. Therefore the duration of the daily call is limited. The more time the veterinarians spend on the telephone, the less time they have to treat your pet. To be as efficient as possible, we suggest that you list your questions.

It is important that you wait for the veterinarian’s or the customer service agent’s call, since we cannot contact all of our clients at once. We always call the owners of pets that are in the most critical condition first.

We’ll make sure to contact you as quickly as possible if your pet takes a turn for the worst.
Keep in mind though that “no news is good news”!

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