What are the costs?

Since Quebec residents are not accustomed to paying for medical services, they’re often unaware of veterinary costs. However, despite the awkwardness of discussing this matter, especially in emergency situations, the financial aspect of veterinary care must be part of the conversation. You will find useful information and advice on this page.

About treatment costs

If your animal has to be hospitalized, we will provide an estimate and you will be asked to sign an Authorization of Procedures form describing the treatment plan. You will then be asked to leave a security deposit accounting for approximately 75% of the total estimated costs.

In the event that further treatments are required during your pet’s hospitalization, we will contact you immediately to discuss additional costs, as well as to obtain your authorization to proceed. An additional deposit may be required at this point, depending on the updated estimate. It might be a good idea to ask for the status of your account during your daily conversation with the veterinarian.

When the veterinarian or the customer service agent informs you that your pet is ready to be discharged, ask for the total amount of the invoice and what it covers. Receptionists might not be able to give you precise explanations at the time of the release. All fees must be paid when you leave with your pet.

Payment options

The center accepts Visa, American Express, Master Card, debit cards and cash. Certified cheques only are accepted.

You can make a deposit using Paypal:


Dépôt fixe


Available funding

We offer our clients the possibility to use the Desjardins Accord-D financing service for any bill exceeding $200.

All of the paperwork must be filled in at the DMV Centres. Our receptionists will proceed to the request for you.

You may also use a Visa Desjardins Accord-D credit card and ask for a pre-approval, or use the credit associated with your preauthorized credit card.

Accord-D is a service that is completely independent from DMV. The decision to grant a loan is at the discretion of Desjardins, and the interest rate is decided according to the borrower’s credit history.

To proceed to a request, we will ask you to provide identification (driver’s license, health insurance card) as well as a specimen cheque.