3 Hospitals : Montreal North-shore South-shore
DMV-North in Blainville
1 800 463-8555
20, Boulevard des Châteaux, Blainville (QC), J7B 1Z8
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DMV-South in Saint-Hubert
1 800 463-8555
1655, Boulevard des Promenades, St-Hubert (Qc) J3Y 5K2
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DMV Montréal
1 800 463-8555
2300, 54e Avenue, Montréal (Lachine) H8T 3R2
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Animal Health Technicians

Technicians at the DMV Center are mainly responsible for treatment plans and procedures. The Center employs over 50 technicians working full-time, part-time or on an irregular basis. The technicians work either within a speciality or at the emergency department, though some are working in both, depending on the needs of the Center.

All full-time DMV animal health technicians are members of the ATSAQ and graduated from recognized schools.

Would you like to join the Animal Health Technicians team? Visit the job opportunities page.

To work as an animal health technician is a unique, inspiring and rewarding experience. Listen to our animal health technicians tell you all about it in this video (French):