Vanessa Turcot-Lamarche

TSA, certifiée Intensive care [email protected]

Vanessa Turcot-Lamarche obtained her diploma of animal health technician from St-Hyacinthe College in 2006. She’s been working at the DMV center since then. She became head technician for the emergency department in June 2007 and got her certification in June 2008.

Vanessa also developed a particular interest in transfusion medicine. This encouraged her to become a member of the DMV blood bank team. She is officially in charge of the blood bank since October 2010. She has begun to give workshops at Vanier College as of 2012 and has written various articles upon the topic.

In October 2012, Vanessa started her new position as a Critical Care technician along the side of the specialist Dr.Sauvé. Currently, she is also the activity coordinator for the emergency department, since July 2013.