Stéphanie Campbell TSA

Stéphanie Campbell

TSA certifiée Urgence [email protected]

Stephanie Campbell Myre obtained her diploma as an Animal Health Technician at Alfred College of the University of Guelph in 2001. In 2009 she obtained her certification ENTSA. After graduating, Stephanie worked in a veterinary referral center in Ottawa in the intensive care unit and internal medicine department. She then joined the emergency team of the DMV Center in January 2009. In the following summer she joined the team of Internal medicine and Dre. Fifle where she acquired even more knowledge.

In April 2010 Stephanie receives the prize of Best Animal Health Technician of the year 2009 in a center of 10 Animal Health Technician or more. In addition to being technician at DMV Center, she is also member of the Health and Safety Committee at work since 2009 and of the Green Committee. Her passion for the animal wellbeing is what pushes Stephanie to continue to learn and promote staff and client education.