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Dr. Romain Javard graduated from the National Veterinary School of Toulouse (France) in 2011. He then did a small animal rotating internship in medicine and surgery (IPSAV) at the University of Montreal (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) in 2012. He completed his training with a 3 years residency program in small animal internal medicine and he is a diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine since July 2015. From 2013 to 2015, he combined this residency program with a scientific master’s degree on feline chronic kidney diseases at the University of Montreal (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine).

His internal medicine residency has also enabled him to acquire the skills necessary for the practice of interventional medicine, allowing him perform minimally invasive procedures for his patients, especially for the treatment of urinary diseases (cystoscopy, stone removal, stone fragmentation by lithotripsy, treatment of urinary incontinence, sub-cutaneous ureteral bypass for the treatment of ureteral obstruction in cats, bladder biopsies...) or respiratory affections (bronchoscopy, treatment of tracheal collapse in dogs). These techniques may permit to avoid surgery and often offer faster recovery time than with conventional procedures.

Dr. Javard also has an interest in cardiology which led him to improve his skills in this area during his residency. He is also the author of scientific publications in cardiology, especially on echocardiographic detection technics of sub aortic stenosis in Golden retriever puppies, in partnership with Quebec breeders. Due to his interest in nephrology, he was the investigator of a research project in this field, aiming to better understand the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying chronic kidney disease in cats.

Since August 2015, Dr. Javard joined the Internal Medicine team of DMV Veterinary Center, where he practices as a fulltime specialist in internal medicine and offers consulting services at DMV Centres in Montreal and also DMV-South in St-Hubert.







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