Kiran TSA

Kiran Sheikh

TSA certifiée Imagerie [email protected]

While enrolled in Animal Health at Vanier College, Kiran Sheikh joined DMV, part time as an Assistant technicien in the department of Emergency. Within two years, having gained experience in the various speciality departments, Kiran headed the trainning of assistant technicians. Upon graduating from Vanier College Kiran took a position, in customer Service. Shortly therafter, Kiran was back in the Emergency department.

Kiran Sheikh certified A.H.T then saw an opportunity to join the Physiotherapy department, where she had the priviledge of being trained for a year by Virginie Roger certified A.H.T, Kinesiology M.Sc, C.C.R.P

Kiran now engageds in all follow-up treatments and referels, after an intial evaluation by Virginie Roger and Marie-Hélène Paquin certified A.H.T, Physiotherapiste M.Sc. She currently alternates between the Physio and Emergency department. Kiran Sheikh loves her work, always taking her clients and patients to heart. She continues to explore other departments, by replacing thechnicians on vacation. This allows Kiran to expands her experience, while at the same time keeping her current in her field.