Dre Angelika Stock

DMV, DES, Ph.D, Dipl. ACT Reproduction [email protected]

Dre Stock graduated in veterinary medicine at the University of Munich in Germany in 1981. She wrote then a doctoral thesis (Dr.med.vet) in bovine reproduction in 1984 and worked then as a staff member in the veterinary ambulatory service of the University. She continued clinical research studies in bovine and equine reproduction at Cornell University, NY, in the United States and completed a PhD at the same University. Upon arrival in Québec in 1994 she enrolled in a postdoctoral program on in vitro fertilization of bovine embryos at the University of Montreal, followed by a residency in theriogenology (reproductive veterinary medicine) at the same University, during which time she realized the growing need for a small animal reproductive specialist in Quebec. She works since 1999 in small animal reproduction in a private setting and has established a big canine semen bank and continues to collaborate with researchers in animal reproduction at the University of Montreal. In 2008, she has become board certified by the American College of Theriogenologists with emphasis in small animal reproduction and is since then one of the 4 board certified specialists in small animal reproduction in Canada. Dre Stock has given numerous conferences to dog and cat breeders, veterinarians and technicians and is willing to share her expertise whenever asked. Dre Stock has joined the DMV Center in 2014. Reproduction services at DMV South! Dre Angelika Stock offers assisted reproduction services for small animals on the South shore of Montreal at DMV-Sud, 1655, Blvd de Promenades in Saint Hubert.  Dre Stock is one of the 4 board certified veterinarians in small animal reproduction in Canada and the only one in Québec. Her expertise is offered to dog and cat breeders as well as her colleagues in veterinary practice. Dre Stock has clinical, teaching and research experience for 30 years in theriogenology (reproductive veterinary medicine) and has worked in Germany, her native country and in United States before arriving in Quebec. Her services described below are offered exclusively at DMV-Sud, Saint Hubert. Breeding management with ovulation timing, insemination (vaginal, endoscopic or surgical), genetic testing for dog and cats, pre-breeding consultations of male and female, import and export of chilled and frozen semen, freezing of semen (straws or pellets) and long-term storage in her canine semen bank (CSBoCH-M), ultrasonography of female and male genital organs, pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound or radiography, follow-up for infertility cases in male and female, consultations regarding abnormalities of female and male genital organs (i.e. pyometra, prostate problems) medical treatments for mismating, medical treatment for pyometra, Herpes and Brucella testing, consultation regarding any  emergency considering female and male reproduction as well as newborns Appointments are made directly with her via her cell phone 514-371-1762 or her e-mail ([email protected]) for appointments and emergencies in animal reproductive medicine