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Radioactive I-131 treatment

To cure feline hyperthyroidism

The DMV Veterinary Centre is proud to offer iodine-131 treatments for cats suffering from hyperthyroid problems. Since radioactive iodine is a regulated substance, this treatment is offered in very few clinics in Quebec. Considered one of the best treatments for feline hyperthyroidism, iodine-131 is a simple, efficient and safe treatment.

A treatment for your cat

Traitement à l'iode radioactif au centre vétérinaire DMV à Lachine pour soigner l'hyperthyroïdie du chat Every cat referred for treatment will be in the care of Dr. Caroline de Jaham, who will evaluate its condition and discuss with the owner all the tests to be performed before the actual treatment. Usually, the cat stays at the DMV Center for the duration of the treatment, which lasts from 7 to 10 days, as required by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. During this time, it is not possible for the owner to visit their pet because of the radiation, though a daily update on the animal’s condition is provided. I-131 treatment obviates the risks that hyperthyroidic cats – which are often old, hypertensive, and suffer from heart troubles – often encounter during surgery. The disadvantages (side effects, daily administration) of the alternate treatment (methimazole) are also avoided.


A recent University of Florida study showed that, when compared to the pill treatment (Tapazole), iodine-131 treatment doubles and even triples a hyperthyroidic cat’s life expectancy. If you want to know if your cat could receive this treatment, discuss it with your veterinarian, or call the DMV veterinary center.

Specialist in Radioactive I-131 treatment at the DMV Veterinary Center:

  • Dre Caroline de Jaham