Special services – Physiotherapy

Physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Physiotherapy combines the work of both veterinarians and specialists to achieve the optimal well-being of the animal. Its aim is to reduce functional limitations that have appeared following an injury or disease affecting muscles, joints, bones or the nervous system.

The physiotherapy department at the DMV Veterinary Center was established in 2012. It is currently under the responsability of technician Élise Renault-Roy.

Combined with the acupuncture, surgery and neurology services, this specialized care is offered to ensure your special friends are functional and comfortable as soon as possible.

Indications for physiotherapy or physical rehabilitation:

  • After surgery
  • Neurological disorders
  • Traumas
  • Chronic illnesses (osteoarthritis, degenerative myelopathy, etc.)
  • Maintenance and improvement of physical capacity
  • Weight loss

Methods used:

  • Massagesand soft tissue mobilization
  • Passive or semi-active joint mobilization
  • Active movements and exercises
  • Thermotherapy (heat and cold)
  • Hydrotherapie (threadmill under water)
  • Various types of electrical currents and other physical agents

Physiotherapy specialist at DMV Veterinary Center:

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