Euthanasia at home

Freedom and respect your friend deserves

To your beloved pet, euthanasia is an act of love marking the end of an illness or condition that is no longer tolerable, as its quality of life has been compromised.  In an effort to assist you in determining the appropriate moment for this final transition, we are available to answer your questions regarding this sentitive issue.

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, we are there to accompany you in this very intimate journey. Indeed, it is by showing them your love that you will provide comfort to your pet in its last moments. You shall keep a peaceful memory thanks to this process.

To your pet, you will be offering the best environment possible as they will be at home with you, your family and friends who will be sharing these precious moments.  It is a chance of giving your companion the freedom it deserves with dignity, respect, and compassion.

Service d'euthanasie à domicile

Now available at the DMV Centres (on call only)

Dr Lassonde wishes to make himself available for you and your family at all times. If for some reason you would prefer that he meets you and your beloved companion at the DMV Centres rather than at home for its last moments, you may now choose that option. If, due to unfortunate emergency circumstances, you have to spend your last moment with your animal on the premises of an emergency veterinary hospital, we will make it happen.

Whatever the option you chose, Dr Lassonde will be available, with all his empathy and without judgment, to assist you during this emotional but precious moment.

Here is an article published in  Journal 24h. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or wish to have more information on this service. Dr Lassonde is also working with K911, Animal Ambulance service. In case you need transportation for your deceased pet, do not hesitate to contact them.

At home,
Dr Pierre Lassonde
514 241-2642

Euthanasia at home specialist at the DMV Veterinary Center

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