Dentistry and oral surgery

Dentistry and oral surgery

For optimal buccal hygiene and health!

The service of dentistry and oral surgery is provided by the team of Dre Roseline Lorrain and technician Francis Mc Lean. They works closely with our veterinary anesthesiologist, Dr. Jean-Jacques Kona-Boun, to ensure that any procedure is done safely. Together, they bring special attention to the peri-operative pain management (e.g.: regional/local anesthesia, constant analgesic IV infusion, etc.).

Dentistry and oral surgery services

Prevention, diagnostic and treatment of periodontal diseases (periodontics)

This usually includes a complete oral examination under anesthesia or profound sedation, dental x-rays, periodontal probing, dental scaling over and under the gums, polishing, periodontal debridement or root planing if needed. In case of severe periodontal disease, the extraction of certain teeth may be necessary. For specific cases, Dr D’Astous may offer alternatives like gingival surgery, bone grafts, or even guided tissue regeneration and crown elongation. He will also give you advice about preventive home care.

Diagnostic and treatment of dental resorption

This condition most commonly affects cats; the affected teeth need to be extracted. There is no preventive treatment known at this time.

Prevention, diagnostic and treatment of endodontic and pulp diseases

These diseases affect the tooth’s internal tissues (the pulp) and periradicular tissues (at the end of the root). They are often the result of tooth fracture or trauma. Alternatives to extractions offered by Dr D’Astous are: root canal treatment; vital pulpotomy; apicoectomy; reimplantation in the cases of an avulsion.

Various dental and oral surgery

All kinds of extractions; treatment of jaw fracture and/or dislocation; cleft palate or oronasal communications (fistula) repair; rhinotomy and surgery involving the temporomandibular joint, the tongue, the salivary glands, etc.

Restoration and crown – Operative dentistry and prosthodontics

Cavities (caries) rarely affect domestic animals but tooth structure restoration with composite (« white filling») or crowns may be suggested. Other events may also cause damage to the tooth structure: abrasion, attrition, fracture or congenital malformation.

Diagnostic and treatment of tumors and other oral diseases

This may imply performing a biopsy, computed tomography (CT-Scan) exam, surgical excision of tumors by mandibulectomy or maxillectomy, etc. In some cases, Dr D’Astous will unite his expertise with our radiologists, oncologist, internists, etc. insuring the best care possible for his patients. For example, he works on a regular basis with Dr. Lacoste, veterinary oncologist, for the treatment of gingival and oral tumours.

Orthodontic prevention, diagnostic and treatment of malocclusions

All of our animals have the right to a comfortable and functional occlusion. Occlusions don’t need to be perfect or aesthetic. Deciduous or permanent teeth may require extraction; dental impressions may be taken; pulpotomy crown reduction may be performed; but rarely passive orthodontic devices (ex.: inclined plan) or active orthodontic devices (ex.: elastic chain and buttons) are used. Our veterinary dentist is known for his great talents that combine discernment, accuracy, clinical expertise and empathy towards his clients and patients. Do not hesitate to consult him. He will be pleased to explain any oral and dental condition your pet may encounter.

Dental examination process (video)

Specialist in Dentistry and oral surgery at the DMV Veterinary Center :

Dre Roseline Lorrain

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