Acupuncture and holistic care

Treatment offered by Dr. Hélaine Haltrecht includes the following: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Western herbs, homeopathy, natural supplements. She also provides nutritional counselling while using a holistic approach to treat your pet and answer its needs.

Traditional medicine’s complementary treatments

Acupuncture and herbology can be used to treat mobility problems, including arthritis, leg weakness,, neurological problems, and herniated discs, etc. Chronic diseases including skin problems (allergies), digestive problems (colitis, diarrhea, constipation), cancers cases, auto-immune disease, etc. can also be treated. Holistic medicine is used to complement traditional medicine with the goal of providing assistance especially in difficult cases. Feel free to contact us for more information!


Acupuncture and holistic care specialist at the DMV Veterinary Center

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